SOL-M Blood Collection

Sol-Millennium is an innovative vertically integrated medical supply company with locations around the globe. We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of needles and syringes, blood collection devices, and comprehensive line of medical supplies.

Sol Millennium's blood collection devices provide tremendous value by minimizing the risk of accidental needlestick injuries and offering a full array of products to address the various needs in the marketplace.

SOL-CARE Safety Needles

Safety Winged Blood Collection Needle (Butterfly)

The SOL-CARE™ Safety Blood Collection Needle is a safety-engineered device with a sliding safety shield that clicks when activated, a clear indicator that the needle is safely locked.

Safety Multi-Sample Needle

The SOL-CARE™ Safety Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needle is designed with a safety shield that completely covers the needle and securely locks into place after use to protect against needlestick injuries. Both available with pre-attached holder

SOL-M Non-Safety Needles

Multi-Sample Needles

The SOL-M™ Multi-Sample Needle makes it possible to collect multiple samples with a single vein puncture.

SOL-M Non-Safety Needles

Multi-Sample Needles

The SOL-CARE™ Safety Blood Collection Tube Holder Set introduces a new technologically innovative blood collection safety accessory to this segment without requiring any change in clinical practice. The unique auto retraction mechanism is built into the special yellow tube. After all specimens are drawn, the yellow tube is pushed into the needle/hub assembly and automatically withdraws the used needle into the tube, vastly minimizing risk & protecting the healthcare worker from accidental needlestick injuries.