Steriking® Sterilization Packaging

Medical Device Reprocessing Departments – MDRD – play a critical role in delivering sterile supplies for any health care facility. This is accomplished by having superior sterile barrier systems – SBS – that allow MDRD to ensure their facilities are delivering sterile supplies to the patient.

Wipak has a wide range of the highest performing sterile barrier systems that are used by MDRD for re-usable medical devices. The materials used for packaging are developed together with the customers and end-users. This allows Wipak SBS to be considered one of the world’s best sterile barrier for medical device packaging.

Steriking® products are made from various materials suitable for steam, EO, FO, or plasma sterilization. For more information, visit

Steriking® products and services

Wipak manufactures specialized packaging for hospital sterilization, including Steriking® sterilization packaging materials, sterilization monitoring products and sealing equipment and accessory products for sterile supplies.

  • Pouches and Rolls
  • Wrapping Sheets
  • Chemical Indicators and Tapes
  • Sealing Machines and Cutting Devices

The Steriking® product range offers a wide variety of types and sizes for the optimum choice.

Pouches and Rolls

The Steriking® sterilization packaging are developed and designed for effective sterilization and safe handling and storage of all items until the moment they are used.

Steriking® sterilization packaging have been validated for double pouching; there is proven evidence about sterilization compatibility with EO, Steam (pre-vacuum and gravity), plasma sterilization and shelf life pre- and post-sterilization.

LT Blueline Pouches and Reels

The Steriking LT Blueline Pouches and Reels have been designed for use as packaging for medical devices for low temperature sterilization processes Steriking Tyvek products have been validated for Stryker Sterizone® VP4, ASP Sterrad models and Steris V Pro.

Chemical Indicators and Tapes

Steriking® indicator tapes ensure tight and safe closure of sterilization packages, and helps identify unprocessed and processed packs. Steriking® chemical indicators are designed for the continuous monitoring of sterilizer operation.

Wrapping Sheets

Steriking®'s premium Steriking wrapping solutions provide ultimate performance in comfort, barrier properties, absorbency and resistance to contamination.

Sealing Machines and Cutting Devices

Reliable sealing machines have essential role in creating safe sterile barrier systems in healthcare facilities. Wipak offers reliable, safe, easy to use sealing machines and cutting devices designed for safe cutting and sealing of sterile barrier systems.